Anchorhead map

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A map I made for the interactive fiction game Anchorhead.

It’s been a while since I blogged. Contrary to what I thought at the beginning of the pandemic, I didn’t work a lot on my hobbies even though I suddenly got a lot of time to do so. But I’ve recently picked up a few projects again. In the meantime, here’s something I made.

In 2021, I got very interested in interactive fiction, a genre of video games also known as “text adventures”. Anchorhead is a classic of the genre, an exciting adventure heavily inspired by H. P. Lovecraft. I heartily recommend it, although perhaps not for newcomers to interactive fiction. It’s pretty hard!

To help myself while I played it, I mapped out the game in Trizbort. To me, it helps a lot to get a sense of geography and space when playing interactive fiction, so that’s what I tried to convey in this map. My goal was to put the rooms in logical physical relation to each other (especially the underground areas), with some minor concessions so Trizbort would make pretty lines.

Spoilers ahead!

Anchorhead map

As a sidenote: Mike Gentry, the author of Anchorhead, called the map “fantastic”, so that was nice!