2017: Year in Books

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Upping the ante from last year, I finished 75 books this year.

See the books and my reviews on Goodreads:

I read 50 books in 2016 (a record for me), so I set the same goal for 2017. I reached the goal during summer, so I upped the challenge to 75 and promptly stopped reading for weeks. (Other things I’ve regretfully decided to do this year instead of reading include programming a Game Boy game, starting writing a book, and listening to lots of podcasts.) Luckily I reached my goal, but I had to read a few short books (which were on my TBR list, I swear!!) near the end. I’ve read some 1000+ page books too, though, so I feel OK about it. Among those books we have two classics, The Count of Monte-Cristo and Anna Karenina. I loved both! Classics continue to live up to their reputation. I also read books 6 and 7 of The Expanse, a sci-fi series that continues to amaze me with each yearly (!) installment. Most importantly, though, I read The Book of the New Sun (five books, four main ones and a coda) by Gene Wolfe, probably my new favorite SF work. I’ve read books about those books too. A lot of the podcast episodes I’ve listened to were about those books (check out Alzabo Soup). I highly recommend it. Here’s to a happy new reading year to you all!